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Dundrum Apartment Scheme


Location: Dundrum Road, Dublin

Type: Apartment Block

Stage: Feasibility

High-end apartment scheme for a developer.

Quickly identifying the site's developmental potential and providing evolving visuals allows us to test the viability of a proposal early in the design process.

This is of huge value to our clients - a tenable approach before undertaking significant expense of a planning permission.

Key Features -

  • Optimised density and unit mix

  • Established connection from front of site to river and trees

  • Appropriate height with strong corner to define the space

  • Utilised topography to gain access to an underground carparking

  • Provided public space for the community

Key Statistics -

Site Area - 0.2455 hectares

Plot ratio - 2.167

Total - 65 units.

19004 Site Plan Render.jpg

27no. 1 bed apartments

11no. 1 bed studios

25 no. 2 bed apartments

2no. 2 bed duplex apartments

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