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Rightsizing - Ash Street


Location: Dublin 8

Type: Residential

Stage: Built

Remodelling of a 1918 brick home in the Liberties for a sixtysomething retiree. This scheme was designed entirely around our client resolving a tight urban plot, providing an accessible home with bright naturally-lit spaces and a bespoke oak staircase with feature fins and shelving to display a lifetime of photographs, books and memorabilia.

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A home for a retiree, this was a small house in the close knit community of the Liberties. The existing house was divided into small poorly lit and badly insulated rooms with narrow doors and narrow staircase. The rear garden was heavily overshadowed by a neighbouring extension, while the entrance to the house required navigating a large step (over 300mm) directly off the street.

We increased the overall footprint with a generous rear extension, bringing light deep into the centre of the plan through a roof-lit double height void. The void serves to connect the different spaces in the house including the bathroom, with an uninterrupted view of the sky. The lightwell also serves to allow heat from the Aga, a client requirement, to circulate through the house.

On the ground floor the Aga was installed into the old brick chimney breast beside the newly relocated kitchen and a feature oak staircase was constructed, with purpose-built shelving to display the client's photos of family, books and lifetime of memorabilia.

The high step at the house entrance was cut in two, excavating the floor just inside the front door to create a tiled hallway. Here a parking space for the client's bicycle is tucked in under the polished concrete kitchen counter, hidden from view from the rest of the house.

The second bedroom, the visitors' room, was opened up to the half landing to form a brightly lit study for the client. When guests stay, sliding doors close this space off from the rest of the house.

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